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Portraits of Aurovilians and their ideas about their lives and society.

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Usually and generally

I am a pain in the ass for our

in-bred authorities. And some of those

we have here.

And since Mother said "no rules",

that s what I am doing.



When you come here,

you are nobody. So for us it´s

very easy to pick up these people

and make them conscious.

And let their soul just relax.


Angelika & Selvi



Music seems to be

a gate or portal or a connection.

Both ways. Either deep down

into the sub-conscience or into

the highest unimaginable heights.

I think music is the bridge,

it s the jacob´s ladder,

which can ascend or descend.



My job is to confuse people,

to present many different ideas

and then they can make

their own choices.

Not to persuade them to go on

a specific path



Growing up here I don´t see

the different skin colours,

I don´t see if someone is black, or is white,

or whatever caste, religion, background,

if he is poor or rich.

I never felt, that i should give less

respect for this guy

or more respect for that person, no.

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Here, people are not

separated from each other.

They are interested in other cultures.

Here I work on the Africa House project,

where I want to connect with my roots.



The whole of Auroville is a

vast school of learning.

Does it mean we have to repeat

the structures of school in

the industrial world?

We are now in a new age,

the information age.

Auroville is a process first

of un-learning, who you are.





I always use the image

that all the wonderful things

which happen in Auroville are in bubbles.

There is this bubble, and it´s fantastic

and there is another one that is great

and there are so many inspiring

and impressive bubbles in Auroville,

but they are not connected.



Auroville is a field where

so many things are possible,

these possibilities will be your teacher,

even your body can become a teacher.

If you listen carefully

it´ s a great adventure.



Auroville is not the place

where you complain.

If you want to complain

about something,

you go elsewhere.

You are here because

you chose to be here.

You gonna work really hard

to make this place happen.

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One of the principles of Auroville

is karma yoga, means, your work

is your yoga.

You don´t work because

you´re making money,

it´s a different idea.

Your work is what makes you happy.

Because you´re doing what you

want to do.

And you are serving.

And service is a fulfilling work.



You see, kids sometimes

embrace abstraction,

the most secure of them,

the less secure don´ t want

to know about that.

I´ ve noticed, that often

they get to a point

where they panic.

If you can help them to deal with chaos,

they will learn a lot.



I never liked to leave things


Definitely Auroville

is a nice place

to do our surf-school.

We take kids from schools ,

we give free sessions for them.

Now we can start to give back

to the community

as much as we can.

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You give, you take,

you get, you share.

This is the growth,

it always works,

but then people give up

very easily, because now

everything you want fast,

everything fast.







Conflict is actually not personal.

So, if me and my mom have a conflict,

it doesn´t just impact me and her.

It impacts my friends or my

brother or her friends.

So the conflict belongs to the community

and the people that are named

to be in the circle.



The finding of your center is the key

to the unity that we are seeking.

The difference is threatening,

racial or perspective difference.

But when you are founded with

your deepest truth,

nothing threatens,

you have instantanious trust.

Then you have your trail of light.



But you have a choice here!

I love India, but I also want

to go abroad to Europe.

You can be happy anywhere in the world,

but this is my home and

I will always be happy here.

It s such an amazing experience.

I can´t imagine, how my life would be,

if I would not have been born in Auroville.

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Integral yoga aims at changing ourself

and finally adapt to the situation

where we are:

because we are the problem on the planet,

there is no other problem on the planet,

it´s the human species.



Money cannot be

managed democratically.

If you don´t have leaders

if you don´t have owners,

you end up doing nothing,




There is a newcomer process

that you have to do, when you

want to integrate here.

It´s about one full year

you have to stay here to be

involved somewhere .

During that time you need to be


you need quite some money.


Suhasini & Lukas

We are a patriotic bunch of people:

Those who look at us, our failures

and still see our enthusiasm,

see the potential of Auroville.

None of us is brilliant and none of us

is inspiring individually.

But collectively we tend to inspire people

despite of the little nonsense that we do.



How to share paradise?

This came to my mind when I

first came to Auroville. In Germany,

like in most of the rest of the world,

people don´t have any understanding,

what life is actually for.